School Counseling

FHES Student Support Team

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FHES Counseling Program

The mission of our school counseling program is to empower all students to reach their full potential. The counseling team does this by providing a comprehensive and developmentally appropriate program focusing on academic, career awareness, and personal/social skills development.

The professional school counselors at Fort Hunt Elementary School initiate oppportunities that remove barriers to learning and provide relevant and individualized strategies and resources for all students.

Individual Counseling

Students may meet with a counselor to discuss and set goals related to academic, social or emotional concerns, or explore ideas related to careers. At any time during the school year, a parent may contact the school counselor to refer their child for counseling.

Small Group Counseling

These small groups can include but are not limited to: Changing Families; Social Skills; Impulse Control, SelfEsteem; Study Skills and Organization, Coping With Grief and Loss or Deployment.

*Parental permission is obtained prior to any extended individual counseling or group counseling. Please contact a school counselor for more information about getting your child into a group.

Lunch Bunches

This program offers a way for counselors and students to get to know one another better. Children eat their lunches while counselors guide conversations. These groups nurture friendships and provide a place for students to practice positive social skills.

Classroom Guidance Lessons

School counselors teach monthly guidance lessons in classrooms from 1st-6th grade. Kindergarten has a lesson once per week. Each lesson is planned to support Responsive Classroom principles. Each lesson is designed to complement curriculum objectives and learning goals. Students will learn about topics such as: Bullying, friendship, character education, teamwork, feelings, self regulation and more!