About FHES

Mission Statement

Fort Hunt Elementary School empowers students to become independent and collaborative problem solvers; empathetic and resilient learners; and respectful, community-oriented citizens of the world.

Built in 1969 on land once owned by George Washington, Fort Hunt Elementary School lies cradled in a bend of the Potomac River, surrounded by such renowned neighbors as Mount Vernon, Fort Hunt Park, River Farm, Dyke Marsh, and Huntley Meadows. This culturally rich community expands our campus and our horizons, while it enriches our curriculum.

Fort Hunt Elementary is also known for its Spanish language partial-immersion program in grades 1 through 6, which draws students from both inside and outside of the school boundaries. This optional program gives students the opportunity to gain a command of the Spanish language while being taught math, science, and health in Spanish. Social studies, language arts, and all other subjects are taught in English.

Administrative Team

Fort Hunt is part of Region 3