Attendance Matters:

  • Attending school every day is critical to students reaching their fullest potential.
  • A Caring Culture that creates a sense of belonging is a key component for students to attend school regularly.
  • Daily attendance routines, created at home or in school, can reduce stress for students and families and create a sense of safety and security, especially after chaotic transitions.  
  • Being in school helps students to get to know peers, teachers, and school staff, and to create trusting relationships that motivate students to participate in learning.  
  • Schools help students and families gain access to basic resources such as meals,  physical and mental health services, and fun enrichment activities including sports, clubs, music, afterschool, and summer programs.  
  • Showing up to school regularly helps students engage in learning that builds proficiency in reading and math which will help them to graduate from high school. 
  • Students who attend school regularly do better academically in middle school. They are also more likely to graduate on time from high school if they miss less than a week of school each semester.

School Hours:

The school day is from 8:55 a.m. to 3:40 p.m.  Student arrival begins at 8:35 a.m.  Students are tardy after 8:55 a.m. 


If your child will be late to school or absent from school please call the Attendance Line to excuse the late arrival/absence.

Prearranged Absences:

When it is known in advance that a student will be absent from school, whether for one day or numerous days, contact must be made with the main office by written note.  Once contact has been made with the office, a pre-arranged absence form will be given to the student.  This form is issued as notification for teachers and staff; in addition it will provide the student with a means to collect their assignments. 

Attendance - 703-619-2626 

Submit an absence, late arrival, or early dismissal by using our attendance form below or by calling our attendance line at 703-619-2626You may submit this absence in either English or Spanish.


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